A group of students that learn more, collaborate better, and create projects.

What is Spartan Hackers?

Spartan Hackers exists to foster a community of technological innovation, collaboration, and creation at Michigan State University.

To rephrase, we build cool tech projects by working with others.

What We Do?


The majority of what we do is go to Hackathons! Hackathons are 24-48 hour coding competitions and the fastest way to build real projects. While you're hacking, you can get to know representatives from companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more! Plus, every hackathon is filled to the brim with free food.

Visit Devpost.com to see past Hackathons and projects!
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Spartan Hackers hosts events where students hang out, work on projects, share ideas, and learn about cool new technologies. We strive to create an environment where it's easy to meet some of the students at the forefront of innovation at MSU.

Previous Workshop Topics: Github Source Control, Microsoft Azure, Prep for the Technical Interview Algorithms, Hackerrank, Unity, HTML/CSS, iOS, and Android.

Company Speakers

Spartan Hackers invites companies in the industry to come and share their experiences with us. These are also a great way to network with those companies and possibly land a full-time or internship position with them.

Our Sponsors

How can I join?

Attend Events!

Anyone with a computer and desire to learn can become a hacker. We have weekly meetings and all are invited!

Most students require transportation for Hackathons. Bus requests are processed a week or two before a hackathon’s start date. Remember those with offical acceptance emails have priority seating. In some cases if you do not have an acceptance email you are still welcome to come if seating is available, we’ll let you know.

Stay Connected!

By doing all of these things you’ll be notified of all our events. Explore the computer science community, learn useful skills, and make friends along the way.


Tentative Events

Workshops and Tech Talks we plan to host this school-year, 2019-2020. Event dates may change or cancel

Date Type Event Sign-in
2/25/20 Workshop Figma Workshop Sign-in

Tentative Hackathons

Hackathon we plan to attend this school-year, 2019-2020, dates and transportation status may change

Date Event Transportation Apply
2/28/20 HackIllinois Not Provided https://www.hackillinois.org/
3/27/20 SpartaHack On-Campus http://www.spartahack.com/


You're probably thinking of movies where hackers steal secrets from the FBI. That's not what we're about. To us, hacking means using cutting edge technology to create kick-ass projects. Go see Devpost.com. It will give you a better understanding of what kind of projects we're talking about.
Absolutely! You can find all of our events in the Spartan Hackers facebook page. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, so come say hi!
No problem! As long as you're passionate about how technology can shape the future, you'll fit right in. We offer lots of events to help teach coding skills!


Join our team! By doing so you will have the opportunity to talk with students across michigan and connect with companies directly! If you believe you can make great impact to our club and MSU please reach out to us as soon as possible!


Josh Nahum


William Huynh

Sponsorship Chair

Don Jayaweera


Jordan Bakke

Graphic Designer

Han Nguyen

Outreach Chair

Micheal Umanskiy

Hackathon Chair

Ethan Yang