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About Us & What We Do? - 01

// Short Answer: Basically an MSU CSE Club, We Code Projects to Get Money/Prizes/Internships


The majority of what we do is go to Hackathons! Hackathons are 24-48 hour coding competitions and the fastest way to build real projects. While you're hacking, you can get to know representatives from companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more! Plus, every hackathon is filled to the brim with free food. Another plus, all hackathons we go to hand out prizes for winning projects. The highest 1st prize we've seen so far $10,000 CASH, but usually its been a Nintendo Switch + $500 for each team member on average these days. Visit to see past Hackathons and projects!


Spartan Hackers hosts events where students hang out, work on projects, share ideas, and learn about cool new technologies. We strive to create an environment where it's easy to meet some of the students at the forefront of innovation at MSU.

Previous Workshop Topics: Github Source Control, Microsoft Azure, Prep for the Technical Interview Algorithms, Hackerrank, Unity, HTML/CSS, iOS, and Android.

Company Speakers

Spartan Hackers invites companies in the industry to come and share their experiences with us. These are also a great way to network with those companies and possibly land a full-time or internship position with them.

Getting Started - 02

// Below are the first steps you should take to get more involved!

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Join Us On Facebook & Discord

[ 2 ]

Attend our Workshops and Meetings

[ 3 ]

Apply To & Attend Hackathons

Previous Hackathons - 03

// This is a list of Hackathons we've attended as a group in the past

Our EBoard - 04

// These are the students that organize Spartan Hackers club meetings & logistics. A new executive board is made every school year so be ready to apply when applications come out!



Hackathon Chair




Graphic Design


Outreach Chair




Frequently Asked Questions - 05

// You want to know more? That's great!
Your probably thinking cyber security, sorry to confuse you but we don't do that here. A computer hacker is any skilled computer expert who uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. In this case we build cool tech projects for fun and develop more skills. Go see It will give you a better understanding of what kind of projects we're talking about.
No problem! As long as you're passionate about how technology can shape the future, you'll fit right in. We offer lots of events to help teach coding skills!
Absolutely! You can find all of our events in the Spartan Hackers facebook page, Discord, an Newsletter. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, so come say hi!

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